1974: First Class: Beach Baby

First Class Beach Baby
The First Class sings Beach Baby

The Summer of 1974: Beach Baby by The First Class becomes a hit

No-one recalls the English summer of 1974 as a particularly spectacular one. Cool, cloudy and wet, probably. There was one definite ray of sunshine, though. A song called Beach Baby - which sounded as if it had been written in the July heat of Southern California in 1964 - was constantly on the radio in my part of the world.
Many thought it was a track from The Beach Boys, but in fact it was performed by a group called The First Class - and both the song and the band were British through and through.
It was unlike much of the music emanating from transistor radios back then. This big orchestral sound, littered with perfect pitch harmonies and pounding drums soon made it into many record collections, though. It was a little different to the stuff a lot of teenagers normally bought but, because of its production values, it nevertheless sounded exceptionally good played loudly - much to the annoyance of both neighbours and parents up and down the country.
Their displeasure did not distract a lot of young record buyers from the delight of being transported to a warm and sunny place whenever the 45 was played, however.

About the Lead Singer of The First Class

Tony Burrows was the singer who provided the upbeat vocals and he was everywhere in the 1970s - or at least, it seemed that way.
Not only did he provide the main vocal on Beach Baby, but also on memorable hits with groups such as White Plains, The Pipkins, Brotherhood of Man and the UK Number 1 song Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes) by Edison Lighthouse.

A Few Facts About Beach Baby

  • It was a Number 13 hit in the UK, although faring better in the US by peaking at Number 4.
  • It was also a major hit in Australia.
  • It was recorded in French under the title Vite, Cherie, Vite.
  • It was the only hit by First Class anywhere, giving the band global One Hit Wonder status.
  • It was co-written by John Carter who also co-wrote Let's Go to San Francisco by The Flowerpot Men, a hit in 1967 with vocals by Tony Burrows.
  • The song was re-released on three further occasions (1976, 1980, 1982) but failed to chart each time.

Get to listen to all tracks recorded by The First Class

All those years ago, many bought the song on vinyl. But like so many classic tracks, Beach Baby and other offerings from the First Class are now available on both CD and download.

Beach Baby on Video

The song is introduced here by "Music Mike", who gives us a little information about it.

Beach Baby First Class 45rpm

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