24 July 2015

UK Music Chart: March 4, 1972 Ft. The New Seekers

The New Seekers
The New Seekers at Number 12
A new month but there was no change at the top of the UK Top 20 at the beginning of March 1972. Son of My Father by Chicory Tip continued to rule the roost, completing its third and final week as the British Number.

Elsewhere, the Eurovision Song Contest was in the air with the appearance of the United Kingdom's participants, The New Seekers, who were making a very impressive entry into the chart with their latest offering.

Further down the chart two great voices returned to the Top 20, as both Colin Blunstone and Donnie Elbert entered the listing with their latest recordings.

For Blunstone, despite some minor successes, it would be another eight years before he would return, while Donnie Elbert's Four Tops' cover would, sadly, be his Top 20 swansong.

Chicory Tip at Number 1

The Chart: 
  • 01 (01) Chicory Tip - Son of My Father 
  • 02 (03) Don McLean - American Pie 
  • 03 (05) Nilsson - Without You 
  • 04 (04) Slade - Look Wot You Dun 
  • 05 (08) Michael Jackson - Got to Be There 
  • 06 (06) The Chi-Lites - Have You Seen Her? 
  • 07 (17) Paul Simon - Mother and Child Reunion 
  • 08 (07) The Fortunes - Storm in a Teacup 
  • 09 (15) The Chelsea Football Team - Blue is the Colour 
  • 10 (10) Badfinger - Day After Day 
  • 11 (14) The Sweet - Poppa Joe 
  • 12 (**) The New Seekers - Beg, Steal or Borrow 
  • 13 (09) Neil Reid - Mother of Mine 
  • 14 (02) T. Rex - Telegram Sam 
  • 15 (13) The New Seekers - I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing (In Perfect Harmony) 
  • 16 (16) The Bee Gees - My World 
  • 17 (28) Colin Blunstone - Say You Don't Mind 
  • 18 (11) Sonny and Cher - All I Ever Need is You 
  • 19 (39) Donnie Elbert - I Can't Help Myself 
  • 20 (12) Al Green - Let's Stay Together
*Previous week in brackets; Climbers denoted in red; New entries in bold
*Intro Image: The New Seekers: The Singles

Download This Week's New Hits:

12: The New Seekers: Beg, Steal or Borrow

Back in the 1960s and 1970s it was considered a great honour to represent your country at Eurovision. The New Seekers were invited to do so in 1972 and, of course, they said yes.

The group's career had  already taken off in spectacular style with their previous single, the million-selling I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing (In Perfect Harmony), which was still riding high in the British charts.

Eurovision would provide a further uplift in the group's already thriving career and the song chosen for them by the British public was the infectious Beg, Steal or Borrow - this week's highest new entry at Number 12.

By the time the group performed the song at the Eurovision final on 25 March, the song was already at its peak position of Number 2 - the placing it would replicate in Edinburgh behind the eventual winner, Après toi by Vicky Leandros.

17: Colin Blunstone: Say You Don't Mind

Former lead singer of The Zombies, Colin Blunstone, returned to the British charts for the first time in several years, this time in a solo capacity, having released a few singles under the name Neil MacArthur in 1969.

His re-recording of She's Not There under that pseudonym had peaked inside the Top 40, but after a year out of the music business, he returned to recording under his own name.

His first two single releases flopped, but his rendition of Denny Laine's Say You Don't Mind was received much more favourably, finding its way into the Top 20 where it would eventually peak at Number 15.

Although Blunstone would see further minor British chart action, none of his excellent follow-up releases were popular enough to bring him back into the Top 20.

20: Donnie Elbert: I Can't Help Myself

Hot on the heels of Donnie Elbert's first UK Top 20 hit comes his second: another Motown cover in the shape of I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch), a reworking of The Four Tops' 1965 single.

The success of the track - it would peak at Number 11 - owed as much to the immense popularity of the UK's Northern Soul scene as it did to the superiority of Elbert's cover version. In fact, several commentators consider the quality of this recording's production and vocals surpass the original.

As good as he was, however, Elbert could not sustain the hits. His next release, the excellent Little Piece of Leather, managed to scrape into the bottom half of the Top 30 but that would be the last time Donnie Elbert's voice would grace the British charts.

The UK Number 1 album this week:
  • Neil Reid: Neil Reid

The American Top 10 (Click to play tracks)

The Number 6 song, The Lion Sleeps Tonight by Robert John, is unavailable. Heart of Gold by Neil Young ranks at Number 7, Let's Stay Together by Al Green is at Number 8,  Sweet Seasons by Carole King is at Number 9 and the new entry, Bang A Gong (Get It On) by T. Rex is Number 10 in the above US Top 10.

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